Scandatex Classic

Our Classic range includes our traditional low texture, our more dense fine texture and our rich, detailed, heavy texture. It also includes a large number of beautifully patterned glass textiles.

Art Diffusion Option


Scandatex glass textile wallcoverings have a wide range of applications. It is as suitable for single rooms as for internationally famous art galleries. Hotels and offices all over the world have choosen Scandatex because of the many benefits.

As applications seems to have no limits, our glass textile wallcoverings are excellent for most building projects.They are not only provide a durable surface, they also give a variable fond for decorations of homes and offices.

Furthermore, Scandatex wallcoverings are available in different textures for wet rooms which can in combination with all special adhesive and paint, protect walls from water, damp and mould.

Technical Specifications

Material: Warp: Silionne Glass
Weft: Glass Sliver
Tensile Strength (N/5cm): Warp: 680 (+/- 10%)
Weft: 510 (+/- 15%)
Total Weight (g/m²): 100 (+/- 10%)
Width (cm): Standard: 100 (+/- 1%)
Paint Consumption (g/m²): First Coating: 180 7.8m²/Litre
Second Coating: 150 9.3m²/Litre
Roll Length (m) Standard: 50 (+/- 0.2%)
Special: Possible
Latest Update: Apr-05
Fire Rating: Supervised by SP, Sweden and approved by SITAC, Sweden as a Class 1 surface layer: 5493/86

Information above is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Our products are subject to rigorous quality control along the production line to ensure conformance. Divergence within our tolerances may occur. For latest updates always visit


Health and Safety
No toxic components
Flame retardant
Strengthens the walls
Mould and mildew resistant
Consistent from roll to roll
Covers irregular surfaces
Dimensionally stable
Easy installation
Standard wallcovering and painting tools
Exact edge trim eliminates most double cuts
Adhesive on wall instead of on wallcovering for a clean and neat job
Cost control
Installed cost is competitive with alternative finishes
Highly cost-effective on life cycle basis
Very durable for low maintenance
Simply repaint 8 – 10 times
Design and Aesthetics
Variety of textures
Infinite colour possibilities
Enhanced designer and faux finishes
Design with light and shadow
Easily updated by repainting with a new colour
Environmentally friendly
Made from readily-available, natural materials
Sustainable architecture – an integral component of the wall
Free of odour and plasticizers with minimal VOC’s