Black Cinetile Matte – Direct Mount Panels

Superior Acoustics – Smooth Black Look to Disappear!

ISC Black Cinetile Matte ceiling tiles are made from different thickness of lightweight, rigid 6 lb density fiberglass with a non-woven Matte laminated to the face. The Matte facing is dyed black so there is no paint to chip over time and it is completely smooth with no sheen so you get a black ceiling panel that will blend in and look great.

In addition to looking great, the Fiberglass Core is dyed black to blend in with the face so it wont stand out when direct applied to the wall or ceiling.  Panels are easy to cut and can be installed with black screws/washers through the face.

Most importantly, our Black Cinetile Matte Panels start as low as $2.35/SF which is incredibly affordable for acoustical panels. There is simply nothing else in that price range that will provide acoustics and a clean black look to disappear.  This makes it perfect for rooms with metal deck or other high ceiling that need something to just blend in and disappear up high while fixing the acoustics in the room

Thickness Tile Size Price/ Panel
1″ 2′ x 2′ $12.00 ($3.00/SF)
1″ 2′ x 4′ $24.00 ($3.00/SF)
1″ 4′ x 8′ $88 ($2.75/SF)

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Features and Benefits

Class A per ASTM E84
High NRC Value – .70 and R value – 4.30 – Panels Absorb Sound and Insulate to Save Energy!
Panels are Easy to Cut on a Table Saw or With Utility Knife
Various Install Methods – Direct Screw, Roto-Fast Anchors, and Cloud Mount