Acoustical Concepts Wall Panels

ISC Acoustical Concepts Panels are a complete family of acoustical products that are custom-designed to meet the unique acoustic and aesthetic needs of every customer and any interior environment. ISC Acoustical Panels are offered in a wide variety of acoustical core materials, finishes, fabrics and color options, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and mounting options.

*** ISC Sales Professionals are trained in the Science of Acoustics. They have the ability to recommend how many acoustical panels you will need for your project and can come up with ways to fix your acoustical problem. Free consultations and help is available anytime over the phone.

Thickness Quantity Cost/ Sq. Ft.
1″ less than 200 sq. ft. $8.00
1″ 200-500 sq. ft. $7.00
1″ 501+ sq. ft. $6.00
2″ less than 200 sq. ft. $9.50
2″ 200-500 sq. ft. $8.50
2″ 501+ sq. ft. $7.50

* Pricing good on any size up to 4′ x 10′ panel, with square hardened edges, impaling and adhesive mount and standard fabric from chart

Edge Detail






Impaling Clips/Adhesive

Standard Fabric Color Chart

Upgrade Color Chart – Add $1/SF

Acoustical Concepts Series

Concepts C100 High Impact Tack Panel
Concepts C200 High Density Fiberglass with Cork Facing
Concepts C300 Moisture Resistant Honeycomb with MFG Facing
Concepts C400 Non-perforated Mineral Fiber Board
Perforated Mineral Fiber Board
Concepts C600 High Density Fiberglass
Concepts C700 High Density Fiberglass with MFG Facing
Concepts C800 High Density Fiberglass – Face laminated Only
Concepts C900 Non-perforated Mineral Board with MFG Facing
Concepts C1000 Perforated Mineral Board with MFG Facing
Concepts C2000 Wall Panel Absorbers
Concepts C2100 Geometrix Absorbers
Concepts C2200 Absorptive Ceiling Baffles
Concepts C2300 Absorptive Ceiling Clouds
Concepts C2400 Barrel Diffusers
Concepts C2500 Pyramidal Diffusers