Linear Baffles

Linear Baffles are one of the most effective, affordable and simple ways to treat the acoustics in your space.    Panels come in simple 2′ x 4′ x 2″ thick baffles that are easy to install and can be customized upon request.

The Linear Baffles are made from lightweight, Class A Fire Rated foam. They come in natural White or Grey foam that is easy to work with and safe for any commercial environment.

The Baffles are easy to install with our standard Corkscrew Hangers included with the panels and they are perfect for classrooms, office, gymnasiums, swimming pools, or any other room that needs acoustical treatment without breaking the bank!

Whisperwave is the perfect solution for classrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, office buildings, swimming pools, and just about anywhere else!

Box Size Panel Size Color Price – 1-9 Boxes
Price – 10+ Boxes
6 Panels 2′ x 4′ Natural Grey $55 Each – $330 per Box $50 Each – $300 per Box
6 Panels 2′ x 4′ Natural White $65 Each – $390 per Box $55 Each – $360 per Box

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