Black Cinetile Vinyl Facings

ISC Black Cinetile Vinyl ceiling tiles are made with a very rigid and strong 1″ Thick 6-7 lb density fiberglass with a smooth Black Vinyl laminated to the face. The Vinyl facing has a smooth look with a light dimple texture and very little sheen. It is a non-perforated vinyl still allows an NRC of .70, but also allows for the panels to be easily cleaned over time.

Because the panels are easy to clean, they can be used in a variety of applications including basements (home theaters), restaurants, bathrooms, retail spaces, casinos, and just about anywhere. In addition, the rigid fiberglass makes the panels extremely humidity resistant so they wont sag over time even in the worst conditions.

A great ceiling tile that combines great looks, acoustic performance, and functionality for a reasonable price.

Black Cinetile Vinyl Photo Gallery

Thickness Size Price/ Sq/Ft Price/ Panel
1″ 2′ x 2′ $3.25 $13.00
1″ 2′ x 4′ $3.25 $26.00

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