Black Cinetile Matte Facing

Superior Acoustics – Smooth Black Look to Disappear!

ISC Black Cinetile Matte ceiling tiles are made from different thickness of lightweight, semi-rigid 2-3 lb density fiberglass with a non-woven Matte laminated to the face. The Matte facing is dyed black so there is no paint to chip over time and it is completely smooth with no sheen so you get a black ceiling panel that will blend in and look great.

In addition to looking great, the facing breathes so that with a 1″ Thick fiberglass you achieve an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) value of .95. Normal mineral board ceilings that you see commonly will only give an NRC of .55.

Most importantly, our Black Cinetile Matte Panels start as low as $2.06/SF which is incredibly affordable for a ceiling with superior acoustical performance. There is simply nothing else in that price range that will provide acoustics and a black look. This makes it perfect for home theaters, restaurants, showrooms, retail stores, and virtually any ceiling where a black look is needed

Lastly, the lightweight nature allows us to ship a box of panels via UPS so freight doesn’t kill the budget if you have a small job.

Thickness Tile Size Price/ Panel Price/ Box Price/ Box (5+ Boxes) Price/ Box (10+ Boxes)
1″ 2′ x 2′ $9.33 $224 (24 Tiles per Box) $216 ($9.00 per Tile) $198 ($8.25 per Tile)
1″ 2′ x 4′ $18.66 $224 (12 Tiles per Box) $216 ($18.00 per Tile) $198 ($16.50 per Tile)

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1″ comes 96 sq. ft. per box


Physical Data

Substrate Medium density Fiberglass
Nominal Sizes 1″     – 2’x2′, 2’x4′
Edge Detail Square
Fire Performance ASTM E 84 Class A
Surface Finish Black Cinetile Matte
Light Reflectance LR-1 per ASTM E 1477
Thermal Resistance 1″ R=4.3
Sound Transmission 1″ – .95
Weight 1″=.34 lbs/sf
Backloading 0.3 lbs. per square foot maximum on 24″x 24″ and 24″x 48″ panels only
Moisture Resistance RH 95°™
will not exhibit visible warp or sag under conditions not exceeding 95%
relative humidity at 104° F(32° C) per ASTM C367
Suspension Systems 15/16″ T-bar Suspension Grid
Use Suitable for use as an interior ceiling in conditioned space.
May be installed during wet phases of construction.
Warranty 25 Year Limited Warranty
ASTM E 1264 Classification Type XII, Form 1,2 Patterns C, E, I