Art Diffusion

The Art Diffusion product offers the customer an extremely broad variety of patterns, materials, finishes, and installation choices. In order to translate a customer requirement into an accurate product specification, it is important to understand all of the product options and terms used to describe these options.

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Panel Size

The standard panel size is 48″ x 96″. Custom panels can be produced up to 60″ wide and up to 120″ long. Not all material is available in the larger sizes. Please contact Interlam to determine material availability for custom projects.

Panel Thickness

Panel thickness refers to the thickness of the raw stock prior to machining. After machining, the thickest area of panel will be slightly less than this nominal panel thickness. Panel stock thickness ranges from slightly less than 3/8″ to 1/2″, and depends on the pattern, installation method, and material availability.

Pattern Depth

The pattern depth refers to the deepest cut that is made in the raw stock in order to produce the pattern. Most patterns are offered in only one depth, but a few have multiple depth options.