Softex Plus Oversized Ceiling Panels

Custom Made to Order – Any Size up to 5′ x 5′

Softex Plus Ceiling Panels are simply traditional fiberglass ceiling tiles. The core material is a 2-3 lb density fiberglass with a non-perforated White or Black Vinyl or Fabric on the face. The facings give the customer the option to have a smooth, washable surface (vinyl) or premium acoustics and 48 different standard color options (fabric).

ISC has the capability to make custom panels any size to fit custom lay-in applications. Popular sizes include 2′ x 5′, 2.5′ x 5′, 4′ x 4′, and 5′ x 5′. Any other custom size is available as well upon request and the panels come in a variety of thicknesses starting at 1″ and going upwards of 3″ thick.

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Features & Benefits

Medium density fiberglass with vinyl or fabric facing
Wide selection of facings.
Variety of thickness and sizes including custom and metric.
Excellent sound absorption qualities.
Square edge for use with 15/16″ wide ceiling suspension systems.
Class A per ASTM E 84.
High R value; panels insulate and save energy.
Humidity Resistant (RH 95). Resistant to 95% relative humidity at 104° F.
Panels are moisture resistant – will not sag, warp, shrink, chip, crack, or dent.
Can be installed during “wet” phases of construction.
Excellent durability.
Vinyl facing provides a washable non-porous surface.
Standard 25 Year Limited warranty.