PA-3000 Flush Plastic Access Doors

These Plastic Access Doors are designed to give affordable and easy access to walls and ceilings. They are made from high-impact styrene plastic with a UV stabilizer so they wont fade or corrode over time. The center door is completely removable from the frame and fits tightly in with snap latches. The doors come with a white, textured finish so they can be installed as is or painted to match existing surfaces. In addition, they are lightweight and simply installed with caulking easily on the back of the frame. It is that easy!

Pricing Table
Access Opening Price per Door
4″ x 6″ $12.9
6″ x 9″ $17.7
8″ x 8″ $17.7
12″ x 12″ $19.5
14″ x 14″ $21.4
14″ x 29″ $48.8
22″ x 22″ $48.3

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