Astrolite Star Ceiling Panels

As seen on ABC’s extreme home makeover!
Astrolite Integrated Star Ceilings use patented technology to take all the work out of star ceilings. No more banging nails or forcing fiber through dry wall. Our plug-and-play Panel Systems simplifies estimation and installation, and all but eliminates costly labor to bring a high-end star ceiling experience within reach for home theaters and other environments. With premium acoustic materials and our exclusive LED technology, Star Ceiling Panels offer the best quality for the best value.
In addition, we are proud to offer both a 2×2 lay-in ceiling tile for traditional grid applications, along with a panel that gets directly mounted to drywall and other substrates. With both products, all you have to do is pull the panel out of the box, put them up, plug them in and enjoy!
****ISC is also the original manufacturer of the iSky Panel. They have recently gone out of business, but we can still manufacture their products for current and future jobs.

Surface Mount Installtion Video

Features & Benefits

24″ x 24″ for Lay-In Grid Application
24″ x 24″, 30″ x 30″, and 48″ x 48″ Panels for Direct-Mount Installations
2″ Fiberglass panels give you a >1.0 NRC rating
Low voltage light source = Low Power Consumption, Virtually No Heat, and Very Long Life
Patent pending solid-state Star Engine embedded in every panel.
• Save Money by Using a Combination of our Star Ceilings surrounded by Matching Regular Black Ceiling Panels or the blue iGlo lighting feature and only covering the center of your room like a skylight
iGlo edge lighting option sold separately for the perimeter of the room or around individual panels as selected by customer.
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