All-In-One Insulating Fiberglass Ceiling Panels

ISC All-in-One Insulating Panels are the perfect solution for jobs that require a lay-in ceiling panel with access above and insulation. They are made from a rigid 3″ thick fiberglass with a thin vinyl laminated to the face providing a stellar NRC value for noise absorption in the room and a fantastic R-Value for insulation and noise blocking.

The best part is because the panel itself is the insulating panel you don’t need to go out and purchase separate insulation and spend time insulating the joists or unrolling the insulation behind the panels. This helps to save labor by making it one simple lay-in installation for the panels and maintains access above by having each individual panel removable without anything laying behind it.

Save immediately on material and labor and long term on energy savings with these All-in-One Panels. The great look and room acoustics is just an added bonus.

Panel Thickness Panel Size Facing Price
3″ Thick 2′ x 2′ White Vinyl $15.00 per Panel ($3.75/SF)
3″ Thick 2′ x 4′ White Vinyl $28.00 per Panel ($3.50/SF)

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*Black Vinyl is Also Available – Add $.25/SF

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Features & Benefits

Class A per ASTM E 84.
High R value – 13.6; panels insulate and save energy.
Stardust Elite Vinyl Facing – White or Black Available
Elite Vinyl Facing
Square edge for use with 15/16″ wide ceiling suspension systems.
Excellent sound absorption qualities –  Estimated NRC 1.00
High light reflectance (LR-1).
Humidity Resistant (RH 95). Resistant to 95% relative humidity at 104° F.
Panels are moisture resistant – will not sag, warp, shrink, chip, crack, or dent.
Can be installed during “wet” phases of construction.
Excellent durability.
Vinyl facing provides a washable non-porous surface.